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Schooling in the USA


Английский язык

Страниц: 32
Автор: Юлия
1640  руб.
The present paper is dedicated to the problems of the American schooling and comparing the system of education in USA and Russia.
The topicality of study. At the present stage of development of our society in the conditions of humanization and democratization of Russian education system, there appears the need in creating favourable conditions for revealing potential of each pupil taking into account his individual qualities, requirements as well as his vocational orientation.
Today problems of the Russian system of secondary education’s modernization are elaborated by many scholars in our country. From this point of view it would be useful to consider positive experience of the developed foreign countries, in particular the USA, whose schooling is famous for its orienting on the concept of differentiation and profile-orienting.
The subject of the research is Schooling in the USA.
The research’s topics are US school types, education levels, grading scales and courses; another objective is comparing the American and Russian systems of education.
The aim of the paper is studying and systematizing features of schooling in the USA.
The aim determines the paper’s tasks:
1) to differentiate between the types of schools in the USA;
2) to study levels of American education system;
3) to follow the process of personal students’ development during the period of schooling;
Introduction 3

1. Types and Levels of the US Schools 5

1.1 Types of the US Schools: Public, Private and Charter, Home Schooling and Distant Learning 5

1.2 Levels of Education System 10

2. Developmental Differences of Elementary, Middle And High School Students 13

3. Grading System and School Courses 18

3.1 Grading System 18

3.2 School courses 21

4. American and Russian Public Education 25

Conclusion 29

Table of References 30

Appendix. Complete List of High School Subjects 32

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ВУЗ, город
1640 руб.
3840 руб.
3840 руб.
1640 руб.
Пензенский Государственный Университет
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