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Monarchy in Britain


Английский язык

Страниц: 28
Автор: Юлия
1640  руб.
Monarchy; monarchi\'a \"absolutism\", a form of government in which the highest power is symbolized by an hereditary monarch. In Europe two variants have been discernible; the unlimited, absolute monarchy, and the limited, constitutional monarchy. The absolute monarchy reached its highest peak during the 17th and the 18th centuries. The constitutional monarchy grew out of that. Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, and Great Britain are countries which have constitutional monarchies, in which the monarch\'s rights stem from tradition or constitutional law and are limited to certain tasks. These are primarily ceremonial or symbolic, sometimes with some mystical features retained, but are often also political, especially at the formation and dissolution of government. In Sweden those tasks are in the hands of the Speaker of Parliament.
The British today is the most ancient secular institution in the United Kingdom with a continuous history stretching back over a thousand years. It has evolved from absolute personal authority to the present constitutional form by which the Queen \"reigns but does not rule\". The United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy, which means that the monarch is bound by rules and conventions and remains politically impartial. According to the royal website, her primary role is as a \"focus of national unity\".
Great Britain is one of the few countries, where the monarchy has been preserved throughout many centuries. As a rule, the throne was passed to the eldest male descendant in the royal family and sometimes to other legal successors. And there were only several cases, when the continuity was broken. These occasions were usually linked to some complex problems in the state, such as the Bourgeois Revolution in the mid-17th century. And those were the times, when the monarch\'s power was real, not nominal.

Chapter 1. British Monarchy. Overview
1.1 History of the British Monarchy
1.2 Constitutional Role of the British Monarchy
1.3 The Role of the Monarchy in Modern Britain
Chapter 2. Tests, quizzes and games
Appendix. Kings and queens from 1066 till present

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1640 руб.
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