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Emotions and stress


Английский язык

Страниц: 10
Автор: Юлия
549  руб.
The problem of stress and emotions relates to every human being: no one has a perfect life. Everyone has been once hurt or misunderstood, been in conflict or in love, experienced acceptance or rejection and, certainly, suffered losses.
It has been scientifically proved that a human being is an integrated system of mind, body and emotion. What a person feels emotionally is immediately experienced chemically in his or her body. Emotions may include bodily changes such as a glow and smile of happiness, the pounding heart of anxiety or the clenched fist of anger. Emotions are based on what we know, and they include thoughts (sometimes obsessive ones) about what has happened or what might happen next. Emotions also often create in us urges to act in an emotional way in relation to someone else: we might feel an urge to hug that person or to stomp out of the room. Emotions give life its urgency. Although the smile when we first see our friend or a frown of anger, lasts only a few seconds, the thoughts of an emotion, the tone of feeling happy, angry or whatever it may be, and the urge to act, may last for minutes or hours.
On the other hand, negative feelings and emotions upset the balance of our body. The chemicals that give us the strength to respond to physical threat reduce the effectiveness of our immune system to keep us healthy when threat or stress persists too long. If we don’t address our emotional messages, we may become physically ill. In worst cases, ignoring our needs and emotions can result in mental breakdown or depression.
It is common knowledge that unhealed emotions can result in dysfunctional relationships, physical and mental illness and stress. Therefore, knowing basic information on emotions and stress is extremely worthwhile, as it helps to explore and achieve emotional healing in problematic areas of our everyday life, free ourselves of past burdens, take control of our life and find ways to enjoy every aspect of it.





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