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Английский язык, контрольная, ответы на поставленные вопросы


Английский язык

Страниц: 9
Автор: Ольга Максимова
1100  руб.
. Do you think that there are more (fewer) opportunities of earning more money abroad?

I think it depends on the situation. If you have an invitation from abroad and you are guaranteed higher salary as the foreign company is interested in your abilities and your knowledge you have an opportunity to earn more money. If you rely on the case you run the venture. Even if you have a good profession you are not sure if you are able to find a job. Before your leaving you should look for the information about the labour market in the country you are going to. If you know any foreign languages it would be your advantage. It would be also desirable to have some contacts in the country you are going to, especially if you friends are introduced in the difficulties of job placement. But if you cant find your place in your Motherland you hardly can find it abroad, though in some cases it may be possible.

51. What makes people migrate?

People migrate because they are not satisfied with the conditions of their life. Some people go abroad for they have received an invitation from the foreign company. Some hope to find a job in other countries. One can love the culture of a country and want to join it. Some people have rich relatives abroad or they come into an inheritance there. One of the reasons of migrating is marriage: sometimes people marry to go abroad and sometimes they go abroad to marry. The other category of migrants is dissenters, who dont want to live in their country due to their political views or their country doesnt want them to live. At last some people think that nobody values them as it should be and they hope to find their place abroad. All these categories have chances to become successful people abroad as well as they can failure to do it.
Is any job better than no job at all?

Do you think that a certain type of appearance is necessary for some jobs? Explain why?

Supposing you were offered a well-paid job in another country. What things would you take into consideration?

. How do we all benefit from competition?

Money doesnt grow on the trees. (Why do people have to work?)

What attracts people to join a company?

What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur?

Should a businessman be honest in business?

A good salary is the best way to get people interested in their jobs. Comment on it.

In your opinion what should be the main objectives of a company?
What is the secret of success in business? Why do most people prefer to have their own business?

Would you like to launch a business? Give some reasons.

Is it easy or difficult to start your own business in Russia? What factors should you bear in mind?

There must be a ban on smoking in all companies.

What does it take to be a successful manager?

How to make a million?

How to cope with hard work?

What is more important to you in your future job: money/self-satisfaction? What motivates people to work efficiently?
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