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Контрольная работа по английскому языку


Английский язык

Страниц: 7
Автор: Клейн Светлана
500  руб.
Задание 2. Раскройте скобки, напишите количественные местоимения much, many. Переведите предложения.
1. I am in London now. There are many buildings there.
Я сейчас в Лондоне. Там много зданий.
2. He is at home in the evening. Usually there are many friends in the sitting room.
Вечером он дома. Обычно в гостиной много друзей.
3. There are many books and newspapers there.
Там много книг и газет.
4. I have been in this city for this time. There has been much snow to my surprise. Я был в этом городе в течение некоторого времени. К моему удивлению, было много снега.

Прочитайте и переведите текст, ответьте на вопросы.

Meet the Confords

The Cornfords live in Ruggy at 28 Coronation Street. John Cornford is a rich businessman of about fifty. He’s tall and dark. He wears dark suits but at weekends he wears casual clothes. He usually gets up at six, does some exercises and goes to the office. He never gets back before ten o’clock at night, so he doesn’t see much of his family. He is interested in collecting pictures of horses. At the moment he is traveling on business in America because he’s opening an office over there next year.

Sarah, Mr. Cornford’s wife, is forty-five. She is an attractive woman with blond hair and soft blue eyes. She is kind and gentle, very practical and full of common sense; Sarah is a house-wife. She looks after the house and the family.

The Cornfords have two children – a son and a daughter. Their son’s name is Steve. He is 22. He is a clever young man. He works at a design office. He is a very outdoor person – he is a keen sailor and a member of the local yacht club. When he has a chance Steve and his friends get down to the coast for the weekend, camping there and sailing in the competitions.

Steve has a number of close friends and a beautiful girl-friend, Pauline, by name. Pauline studies at a teacher’s training college. Steve and Pauline often go out for the evening to the cinema or else they go skating at the Rugby skating rink. Pauline is a very good skater and she is trying to teach Steve how to skate well.

Steve’s sister, Alice, is a lovely, quiet, serious girl. She goes to grammar school.

Sarah’s mother, Grandma, as the children call her, also lives with them. She is in her late sixties.

Работа сдана на отлично!
Задание 8. Переведите предложения, обращая внимание на степени сравнения прилагательных.
Задание 9. Раскройте скобки. Поставьте глаголы в Future или Future Continuous.

Оценка работы: (4.82 / 5, голосов: 24)
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ВУЗ, город
100 руб.
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550 руб.
МГПУ им. И.П.Шамякина
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1500 руб.
ННГУ им. Н.И.Лобачевского
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